Virtual Registry
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Thinstall's Virtual Registry Module makes virtualized Registry Keys appear to exist for
all applications and DLLs loaded by Thinstall. Virtual registry keys are overlayed onto
the system registry so the application can use entries from either system. The virtual
registry is consulted first for a new key, if no matches are found, the system registry is used.


Enabling the virtual registry

Thinstall's Virtual Registry system exists as a separate module that is linked with your project
when one or more registry script files exists in your project. Registry script files are simple text
files that describe which keys to super-impose on the real system registry.

Creating registry scripts using REGEDIT

How to record a registry script for an EXE/DLL/OCX

The registry script file format.

Adding COM/ActiveX controls to your Thinstall project

Virtual Registry Keys are persistant across executions, and any changes made to them by the program will be forgotten when the application quits.