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User Manual Sections

How Thinstall works, supported platforms, and performance effects

Virtual Machine , Virtual File System , Virtual Registry

EXE/DLL Resources
Icons, Version Information, and XP Styles

Program Installation
Adding Start Menu Shortcuts, Use with 3rd Party Installers, Use with Patching Software

Licensing & Trial Demos
License your software, generate license keys, and restrict access to your data & files.

Program Security
Stop debuggers and protect your application

Perform additional actions during Install, etc, Script API Reference.

Language Localization
Displaying Thinstall strings in the user's native language (English, Chinese, etc).

Project files
How to transport your project files from one computer to another computer

Command-line version
Automate your build process

.NET Framework Linking, Service Apps, Updating, Common .NET Questions

Visual Basic
VB Specific features, Common VB Questions & Tips

Activity Logging
Find out what your application does and why it might fail